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Single bar
Product description:
with a texture similar to woven fabrics, the product has hardy physical characteristics and suitable for various printing methods. It is made by adding pure acrylic resin to greige fabrics before hot-air drying.

1. Texture varies from extremely soft to extremely stiff
2. Flat surface. The high melting point of polyester fiber makes it suitable for a wide range of printing methods.
3. During the highly compatible production process, various treatment additives can be added to improve the product value.
4. Dyeing is possible in small areas and multiple colors; above level 3 color-fastness.

Colors: white, black, other colors
Width: 36", 44", 54”
Bar system: single bar
Stitch count: 14, 18, 22
Thickness: 0.4mm~1.2mm
Hand feel: soft (AS), standard (AA) stiff (AH)